No-nonsense Pricing When You're Ready to Purchase

TrueGeocode is Free Software, forever.

Too good to be true?  Nope. We're just trying to help as many organizations get access to information they need - for free! 



NO annual fees.  NO recurring fees.  NO "use it or lose it" credits.  NO file size limitations.  NO obligations.  NO nonsense.

Register for your free account that never expires (no credit card required) and create your first map for free. If you decide you need more maps, all you have to do is buy some credits and use them to create more maps.

For details on the Free Account and using credits continue reading!

Free Account


Register to verify your non-profit status and get started.

What do you get for your free account? After you register for a free account, you get full access so you can create a map with all of the features enabled. There’s no credit card required, your account never expires, and you never lose access to the data – even if you decide to never pay anything.

  • UNLIMITED Records
  • UNLIMITED Uploads
  • UNLIMITED Markers
  • UNLIMITED Sharing
  • UNLIMITED Geocoding
  • UNLIMITED Address Verifications
  • Multiple Map Views
  • No File Size Limitations
  • Pay-as-you-go Usage


Pay-as-you-go Usage


Buy some credits, use them to create more maps, they never expire.

What do credits cost?
Credits are purchased in 2 tiers. Again, they never, ever expire.

$20.00 20
$50.00 100 (a savings of $50!)

Are you a large organization that needs a lot of credits or needs annual pricing? Contact sales.

What do you get when you use a credit? You will use one (1) credit for each map you create. You will only pay to create a map once; it doesn’t matter how many times you view, share, or change the map. You will have full access to the full details forever.


Give us a try...

Create, edit, and share unlimited maps for $1 a map (or less!) – get started now and create your first map for free – no credit card required.