Create new maps via a simple list upload, or by pasting data directly onto a map.


Upload custom attributes and use them to filter maps and visualize your segments.


There's no limit to the number of maps you can create or the number of markers on each map.

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Create, edit, and share unlimited maps for $1 a map (or less!) – get started now and create your first map for free – no credit card required.

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  • Identify individual, family and business moves
  • Maintain USPS Compliance
  • Improve donor retention
  • Visualize data with interactive map
  • Automated weekly updates


  • Enhance records with geospatial data
  • View distribution with choropleth maps
  • Visualize data with color-coded segmentation
  • Map unlimited custom attributes
  • Identify pockets of giving with cluster maps


  • Fully automated deceased suppression
  • Weekly updates for 6 months included
  • Match records by name, address, phone, & email
  • Complimentary TrueDeceased report included
  • Missing, duplicate, and invalid data analysis